Completely Hollywood Abridged at The Old Creamery Theatre.

Out in Middle Amana, Iowa there is a cool black-box theater that puts on hilarious shows like Completely Hollywood Abridged. The Old Creamery Theatre is a professional, not-for-profit theatre company founded in 1971.

Completely Hollywood Abridged comes from a group of writers who “reduce” and “abridge” long histories and literature. They’ve done Shakespeare and the Bible, and now they’ve abridged this history of Hollywood. With those three it’s the same dramas, different lines, no?

Anyway, even in its abridged format this play is still huge. It’s over two hours and the three actors pack in an impressive amount of words per minute. The actors have to talk fast and literally run around the stage throughout the whole show to get all 186 film references in. The actors and writing are both very funny, but the comedy is also really physical. The actors change in and out of crazy costumes and props time and time again. You can tell this play was really fun for them to do– and so funny– but kudos to the for working hard for it. I got exhausted just watching them!

Completely Hollywood Abridged plays up a lot of film elements that Hollywood buffs and casual movie fans alike will find funny and interesting. For example, the actors try to determine whether all films can be fit into a combination of common themes. They boil it down to: 1) Jesus Story 2) Boy Meets Girl 3) Coming of Age 4) Fish Out of Water, and anything else is just a combination of these. Just try to disagree with them. We had fun playing with this element even after we left the show.

The play is really fun, and viewers with any knowledge of film will enjoy it, but of course the more you catch the more fun you’ll have.  Completely Hollywood Abridged runs through April 17 on the Old Creamery’s Studio Stage, with shows on Thursdays and Sundays at 2:00 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm. The Studio Stage is located in Middle Amana at 3023 220th Trail. Sometimes it’s difficult to find cultural entertainment at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon entertainment, and Amana is just the perfect place to spend such a day. Visit the shops and restaurants, catch a show at Old Creamery, and by the time you’re out of Completely Hollywood Abridged, you still have time to tally up who caught the most movie references over a beer at Millstream Brewery.

Completely Hollywood Abridged stars Nate Curlott, Seth Hunter, and Sean McCall. Directed by Magdalene Spanuello, a Chicago-based director and choreographer.



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