By: Emily Weber

Whoa. Like Everyone says, this is a book that hurts to read and hurts to put down. It makes you smile and tear up on every page and leaves you with the most unsettling of feelings every time a chapter ends pleasantly. If you have ever worried about a friend, or cared about someone with a draw you don’t really understand, you will connect to this book.


A Little Life is more than just a great plot about four friends living in New York after college. It is about memory, friendships, and those who go all in for their passions. It is about time passing and how that changes the previously mentioned themes, in ways good and bad.

Plus, can we talk about the writing itself? Unbelievable. I could read Yanagihara describe art and scenery at such length. If only those were the only things that were described so vividly (I’m squeamish)… But really the writing is very well done. It is like reading a painting.

Once you’re in this book, it doesn’t let go of you for 700 pages, so tuck in. The author has mastered the art of when to reveal a long-desired secret, and just how much to give at a time so that it keeps you wanting to know more.

Next Page Bookstore owner, Bart Carithers, agrees: “The international acclaim Hanya Yanagihara has received for her novel, A Little Life, is well deserved. She is a gifted writer and her novel weaves an incredible story.”

Next Page Books

The fiction section at Next Page Books pictured above.

After consuming A Little Life, take in the following on Instagram:@alittlelifebook and @hanyayanagihara for more.

Share what you think of the novel! Author Hanya Yanagihara writes back to The Corridor Review: @ hanyayanagihara“Thank you so very much for your very kind post!”

You can find A Little Life and Yanagihara’s first novel The People in the Trees(2013) at Next Page Books in the NewBo District in Cedar Rapids, IA.


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