The 88th Oscars Part II


Documentary Short: The Girl in the River.

E: Has anyone thought about making a happy documentary?

J: That would just be a movie. The Martian. Boring.

C: Maybe one about pasta?


Documentary Feature: Amy

J: The Look of Silence. And they should have given it to The Act of Killing last year.

C: Whoopie Goldberg is like the coolest librarian EVER.

E: I actually really liked Amy Winehouse. RIP.


The Oscars In-Memorium:

J: Remember when David Bowie was in Zoolander?

C: Everyone is trying to capitalize on the David Bowie Death.

“I liked you in Madagascar”- Kid from Room

E: #BlessThisChild


Best Live Action Short Film: Stutterer

J: A lot going on here.

C: *we did not see these films*

E: *we did not see these films*


Best Actress: Brie Larson (!!!)

J: Brie Larson will win. I loved Saoirse Ronan. Charlotte Rampling was the best performance of the year.

C: The Samsung S7. These commercials are fantastic. I think it’s gonna be an upset. At least the S7 comes in black, hey-oh Academy, I could be Chris Rock.

E: Saoirse Ronan or Brie Larson. I just cannot pick between all these fabulous ladies.



Best Actor: Leonardo DeCaprio


J: I just wanna watch the world implode. They don’t give it to Leo and the world freaks out. Please Eddie Redmayne.

C: Leo and a bunch of Shit Heads this year.

E: I really enjoyed Steve Jobs. I just think people give that film enough credit so I gotta get my two jabs in.

C: And the Oscar goes to…Leonardo Da Vinci! *twist*




Best Picture: Spotlight.

J: More Suge Night Jokes.

C: The Big Short

E: Spotlight or Room.


That’s the Oscars, folks! Congrats to Spotlight, my favorite pic from the get-go. Here’s a great AV Club post of the daily grind of journalism.

All in all, I though these 88th Oscars were really fun. To another year!



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